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What Does Xplorer do?

By maher2018-10-23 15:17:04.767Z2018-10-23 15:20:31.557Z

It look like an interesting software, but whats its core function?

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    SamButler2018-10-25 20:56:22.037Z

    Xplorer allows you to quickly create engaging 3D presentations for training or product showcasing. You can quickly build a scenario around a 3D model through a series of slides.

    Each slide itself can showcase videos, images, a series of questions and answers or preset color changes.

    You can set any part of the model to trigger a video, image, slide change, or sound.

    Xplorer hands you the ability to really show off the model by adding labels, expanding areas, X-raying parts, or showcasing it in various colors. Play animations and remove parts to demonstrate how it works.

    Share your presentation across pc, mobile, and virtual reality platforms with multiplayer mode. As the presenter you can walk through your lessons and trigger the actions while your viewers can move around and see the effects up close.

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      In reply tomaher:
      maher2018-10-23 15:19:12.173Z

      Xplorer is a content development platform designed to empower creatives and marketing personnel to quickly create VR experiences. No coding is required to develop VR experiences with Xplorer.

      1. Mmrafusemt2018-10-23 15:21:49.114Z

        Additionally, you can view models developed by 3d modellers, and use the model's built in animations to show off your products.

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