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Blank slide when using an FBX in Xplorer

By maher2018-10-23 19:46:40.973Z

Hello, I'm trying to open a new project in Xplorer. I have an FBX file I start Xplorer select the file for a new lesson and I get a blank slide.

Solved in post #4, click to view
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  1. S
    SamButler2018-10-23 19:53:08.828Z

    Please send the model to the modest3D team at so that we can run some tests to figure out what is going wrong.

    1. Mmaher2018-10-23 19:56:44.715Z

      Thank you, model sent

      1. SSamButler2018-10-23 20:10:30.455Z

        Investigating with your model I noticed when double clicking a piece of the model in the scene hierarchy tab it focused on the piece. This piece was visible but disappeared while zooming out. After opening the model in 3DMax, It appears that it is 1000 times larger then real-world scale. So it is populating in the Xplorer but it is way larger than the environment so your camera is trapped inside.

        Recommendation to fix this issue. Make sure the model being used is scaled properly 1 unit = 1m when exported.