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2D and 3D Label questions

By AHwalek2018-11-07 14:36:57.326Z

I'm attempting to place 3D labels in Xplorer and while they do appear, they are very small. I can move them label itself but the leader line extends to some point out in space.

How do I change the size of a callout?
Is there an ability to add more than one callout for a part (to identify features for example)?
How do you place the leader line on the part that's being called out?


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  1. M
    maher2018-11-07 15:55:25.417Z

    Hello Tony

    Thank you for your questions I will do my best to help.

    To change the size of a 3D label. Click on the created 3D label than in the properties tab change the Text Size value

    The 3D label leader line is detriment by the models pivot point. Check if your model's pivot point is centred to the model to prevent the leader line from extending into the open space.

    Regarding your question about the Call out, do you mean the Hit Point?

    1. AAHwalek2018-11-07 16:27:26.663Z

      Thanks Maher,
      By callout I mean label. Can additional labels be added to a model to point out features of a model? Without the need to click, as I would think the Hit Points require.

      Can pivot points be adjusted within Xplorer?

      1. Mmaher2018-11-08 15:37:42.697Z

        Ok I see, 3D labels are assigned per object. So you are not able to use more than one 3D label per object. If your model contains multiple individual objects then a 3D label can be assigned to each individual object.

        The pivot point cannot be edited in Xplorer you would need to do that in a model editing software like 3DS Max or Maya.

        Feature Requests

        I can see where multiple 3D labels per object can be useful so I will log that as a feature request.

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    3. AAHwalek closed this topic 2018-11-09 13:03:12.701Z.